Retrieve process status

You can retrieve process status and metadata

You can retrieve information about a process anytime after posting a new one by using the following endpoint:

An important field in the response is the status field (int:status) that takes different values to show the current status of a request. The user can check this to know if the request is still pending, whether processing has started or completed, was postponed due to some error, or aborted completely. If an incoming request that was inserted successfully in the system, cannot be processed due to an invalid audio format, corrupted data, or a network failure an error message will be returned . In this case, if the error is deemed temporary by the system, the processing is postponed for a later time until a maximum number of retries is reached. In case the job cannot be processed because the maximum number of retries was reached with no success or a fatal error has occurred, the processing job is aborted, and the status is updated accordingly.

It is possible for a GET method to fail to return a valid response, so an error response is returned that includes an error code and a short message for the user. For example, calling the GET process method with an invalid pid returns an error with the following response:

{"code":404,"type":"error","message":"Process with id 2 not found!"}